An accused murderer who allegedly killed a 19-year-old

An accused murderer who allegedly killed a 19-year-old  cashier during a robbery has brazenly compared himself to Nelson Mandela and Jesus.

Winston Glynn, 31, was tracked down in Brooklyn after a manhunt following the death of Kristal Bayron-Nieves at the East Harlem Burger King, where NYPD officials said Glynn previously worked for eight months.

He is alleged to have robbed the fast food joint of $100 before killing Nieves in January.

Police arrested Winston Glynn, a 31-year-old homeless man, in connection with the January  murder of Burger King cashier Kristal Bayron-Nieves, 19, one week after the shooting

Kristal Bayron-Nieves, 19, was afraid to be working nights and had asked to be switched over to the day shift when she was shot dead

The 19-year-old was shot dead at a Burger King on 116th and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem around 1am on Sunday  

During his interview from Rikers Island, Glynn ranted: ‘What happened to Nelson Mandela, what happened to Jesus?[They were] innocent. I want to be a leader and all that. A lot of people are jealous, you know.’ Above, he is pictured in January 2022

‘Why am I guilty?’ Glynn shouted through a blue mask covering his face as officers walked him to a waiting police car.

‘You know they charge n*****s every day? Where’s our reparations for four hundred years of f***ing slavery.’

During his arraignment, he screamed ‘liar’ several times at a judge.Such incoherent ramblings were on display once again during an interview at Rikers Island. 

‘What happened to Nelson Mandela, what happened to Jesus? [They were] innocent,’ said Glynn to the  

‘I want to be a leader and all that.A lot of people are jealous, you know.’

Glynn was said to have worked at the same Burger King months earlier

Glynn has now given an interview from Rikers jail.He is pictured grimacing while being ushered into a vehicle in January

When asked about the crime, he denied all involvement despite evidence to the contrary asking why he would have used a credit card just before the crime and why it took days to be identified by a witness. 

‘Somebody probably made a call to a tip line, and 유로247 I used to work there, that’s all,’ he said.

‘There’s only one way this can go.They let me go and I sue the city for holding me so long.’

Glynn went on, seething how ‘the system’ has ‘no regard for the lower class, like we are nobody.’ 

He also suggested how families of the wealthy and powerful actually benefit from citywide crime and mayhem.

Cops say the suspect’s white earbuds that were seen in surveillance video hanging from his pocket helped lead them to Glynn.The 31-year-old is pictured wearing earbuds on the right 

Police say Glynn had worked at the same Burger King as the victim between April 2020 and December 2020, more than a year before she was hired.He is pictured above in work uniform 

‘Your grandma is a judge; your grandfather is one of the morgue, so if you kill somebody, he makes money with the body; the daughter is a doctor so if that person [doesn’t] die, they treat them,’ he said.

‘These people don’t want crime to stop, as long as it’s not affecting them.’ 

Glynn’s criminal record includes at least four prior arrests, most recently in December 2020 for  criminal possession of a weapon and in November 2021 when he was charged with menacing with a weapon.

A spokesperson for the Queens District Attorney explained how Glynn was released from jail on his own recognizance because the offense he was charged with at the time was a misdemeanor, which ‘is not bail eligible.’ 

One former roommate of Glynn’s at a Queens homeless shelter described him as having ‘had a lot of issues with him with seeing demons and stuff like that,’ adding that he was ‘definitely on medication’ but was ‘a pretty stand-up guy.’

Glynn is pictured in a mugshot, left.He is accused of killing Kristal Bayron-Nieves, 19, in cold blood after demanding cash from her at a Burger King in January

Glynn was led out of the 25th Precinct in Harlem in January following his arrest 

 Glynn was booked for the murder.The homeless man has a rap sheet going back to 2017

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