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Are you looking for the top ADHD doctors in Dubai? This article will help you find the best ADHD doctor in Dubai. This article will provide additional details about the symptoms and diagnosis for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Many children exhibit signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) it is a disorder that impairs a child’s ability to focus, concentrate and trigger behavior. Dr. Arif Khan is one of the Dubai ADHD doctors. He can offer evidence-based treatments for children suffering from this disorder. The symptoms of ADHD range from difficulty concentration to screaming in anger. While ADHD severity differs from one child to the next treatment, medication, and/or both are possible treatments.

While ADHD is a long-lasting condition, it persists in as high as 60 percent of adolescents and up to 60% of adults. People suffering from ADHD tend to perform better in environments that are less structured and with fewer rules. People who suffer from ADHD tend to have to change jobs frequently, which can disrupt their careers. They are also more likely to suffer financial problems. Due to this, ADHD doctors in Dubai are important resources for those suffering from this disorder.

ADHD symptoms can cause problems in learning, making it difficult to follow directions and can result in negative feedback from other people. It is important to remember that ADHD is treatable and Dubai doctors have a wide range of treatment options. The disorder is a problem that affects between 3 and 7 percent of children in United Arab Emirates. However the rates are higher in larger cities. ADHD is a neurological disorder and is often avoidable.

The root cause of ADHD is not clear. However, it is believed to be caused through environmental factors, and social influences. It also has an genetic component. ADHD sufferers are more likely to have certain genes. ADHD can also be caused by environmental exposure to chemicals. In either situation, treatment will concentrate on balancing neurotransmitters in the brain.


There are many signs that could be a sign of Attention-Deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) however, it is essential to obtain an diagnosis. ADHD patients are often having difficulty focusing and paying attention. They can also exhibit excessive and impulsive behavior. Children suffering from ADHD may also suffer from autism, ADHD doctors in Dubai a disorder of the spectrum that is characterized by difficulties with social skills such as language, language, and non-verbal communication. These issues can make it difficult for adhd support groups dubai children to concentrate, learn and develop other skills that will help him develop into a successful individual.

Sometimes, certain educational issues could be reason enough to refer. Sometimes, a child may be misdiagnosed as having dyslexia. ADHD is a better diagnosis. Parents might notice a significant difference in the class contribution to their child’s end-of-year grades. A sudden change in mood or a behavior issue could cause a doctor to examine.

ADHD symptoms include inattention ADHD symptoms in children of all ages. Children with ADHD tend to be distracted and are unable to concentrate for long periods of time. Most often, the signs of ADHD are associated with a variety of other issues, such as insufficient parenting or social insanity. Regardless of the cause of the child’s behavior, an accurate diagnosis is imperative to the child’s future.

ADHD symptoms tend to decrease as children get older, however the disorder can still be present in the middle and senior years. Additionally, there are many patients with the male-to-female ratio of ADHD, making it important to get a proper diagnosis from the top doctors in Dubai. It will be more beneficial to get an ADHD diagnosis rather than try and treat the condition with a different medication.


You should seek help from a professional when your child is suffering from ADHD. ADHD can make it difficult for children to focus on planning activities and think critically. While the traditional treatment for ADHD in Dubai included medication, parents in the UAE are opting for safer alternatives that are safer and less harmful. One of these doctors is Dr. Arif Khan, a consultant pediatric neurologist who enjoys working with children who suffer from various deficits.

ADHD is a neurobiological condition that affects the brain’s ability to focus, regulate emotions and control the impulsivity. The interbrain communications are damaged when there is a lack of in the limbic system. This can cause symptoms such as hyperactivity, inattention, and an impulsive nature. Treatment for ADHD involves balancing neurotransmitters as well as fixing the root causes of this disorder.

ADHD medication can help those with attention deficit disorder regulate their impulses and actions. The brain’s dopamine levels are raised and norepinephrine blockage is prevented. These medications can assist patients control their actions and impulses as well as enhance their concentration. Certain medications are combined with other treatments to treat other mental health issues. However, there isn’t one treatment that will cure ADHD.

Dr. Arif Khan is one of the most experienced pediatric neurologists in Dubai. He is an expert in ADHD treatment. His practice offers evidence-based therapies to children with attention deficit disorder. To evaluate the child’s symptoms He develops thorough questionnaires. These questionnaires evaluate the child’s ability to focus academic responsiveness, as well as social skills. Think about speaking with an Dubai adhd diagnosis dubai doctor If you suspect that your child has ADHD.


Many children are having difficulty in focusing and completing tasks. However, some children have ADHD, Adhd Doctors In Dubai which is marked by symptoms that are more severe than what is expected for children of their age and developmental stage. ADHD children are often faced with severe suffering and difficulties in school, home, and relationships. Here are the signs of ADHD that can make a child’s lives more difficult:

Adults who suffer from ADHD might be less social and successful. The reason for this is that the symptoms often go unnoticed in childhood. It is possible that they were labeled”troublemaker, “dreamer,” “slacker” or “troublemaker” during their childhood. These labels might have helped them learn to cope with their issues when they were younger however, as adults, they may struggle to manage their obligations. Adults with ADHD may also have issues managing their finances and careers.

These signs can be detected by a medical professional who can diagnose ADHD. During the evaluation, they will seek to rule out other medical issues and then suggest an expert in mental health. They will also collect data about the lives of other adults during the interview. Children suffering from ADHD could be diagnosed with the disorder after meeting a certain set of criteria. This condition can have severe implications for a child’s performance at home, school and at work. To further evaluate the situation, a specialist in ADHD will be referred to your child if they exhibit these symptoms.

Hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity are typical symptoms of ADHD. These symptoms typically first manifest in childhood, but certain children can be diagnosed at a young age, as early as three years of age. Although ADHD symptoms might not be apparent in adults, they can cause similar problems in social situations. As an adult, it might be easier to spot signs in social settings than in childhood. They might have trouble completing tasks as they move from one incomplete activity to the next, or pay attention in small details. These behaviors can cause mistakes due to negligence.

Dr. Arif Khan

ADHD is a condition in which a child experiences trouble focus, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. This disorder is prevalent in childhood and continues throughout adulthood. A neuroscientist and ADHD specialist Dr. Arif Khan treats children and adults who suffer from ADHD. Dr. Arif Khan utilizes conventional treatments for ADHD in Dubai. These include medications as well as behavioral therapies and brain-training services. The treatment options for ADHD involve discrete trial training, or “task analysis,” which breaks down complex behavior into simple reinforcement tests. Each test seeks out the desired outcomes each one at a time.

adhd specialist dubai is not well understood. Research suggests that ADHD is more prevalent for boys than girls. The gender gap is likely to narrow when children reach adulthood. Other conditions that are more prevalent in boys include epilepsy and motor tics, as well as neuromuscular disorders like motor tics. Multiple sclerosis and migraines are more common in girls. The prevalence of genetic disorders is higher in the Middle East, likely due to parental consanguinity. However the epidemiological studies haven’t looked into the causes of the differences.

Dr. Arif Khan is a paediatric neurologist and has a vast knowledge of children suffering from neurological disorders. NEUROPEDIA is Dr. Khan’s first center for children’s neuroscience in the region. Dr. Khan is the go-to specialist for children suffering from ADHD and other neurological disorders. It is crucial to find the right doctor as soon as you can.

Dr. Arif Khan, a well-known paediatric neurologist at NMC Royal Hospital Abu Dhabi, is also a specialist in ADHD. He has more than 16 years of experience and is specialized in the treatment of childhood neurological disorders. He received his medical education in the UK. He also completed his CCT in paediatrics from the Royal College of Paediatrics. In Dubai Dr. Arif Khan’s experience is vast which makes him one of the best ADHD doctors in Dubai.

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