Monica Vega

Health activist

Founder of Health evoluti.on.

Holistic nutritionist and health & life coach with more than 20 certifications in different areas of health, nutrition, fitness and wellness.

Specialized in eating psychology and functional nutrition.

Born in Mexico, now living in Victoria, B.C. Canada since 2020.

Passionate about health, wellness, photography and art.

Health evolution is my own path towards health.

“I Struggled with eating disorders and all kinds of digestive issues and food intolerances most of my life along with hypothyroidism after my two pregnancies”.

What began as a path of personal development and evolution has become a shared path and a growing movement of support and physical, mental and emotional healing.

I’ve been working supporting people to improve their health, change their habits and lifestyle since 2017.

I would love to share with you the different tools that I have learned in this time and support you on your own “health evolution.”


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