The Secret Secrets Of Luton Van Keys

How to Protect Your Luton Van From Thieves

It’s time to replace your Luton module coding Van key if you are having difficulty getting into and out of your Luton van. You can take it to a Ford dealer and they will do a thorough check to ensure that you have the right one. If the number doesn’t match they’ll cut a key for you. This key will not contain a chip and will not start the engine of the van.

High-visibility locks

If you wish to stop thieves from stealing your vehicle, it is important to increase its security. Locks with high visibility are a good way to keep thieves away. These locks are constructed of extra steelthat deflects hitting with hammers. They also offer superior security. These locks are popular with vans that have side and rear doors. A high-security van lock from a reputable van locksmith can be the best method to ensure the security of your van.

Van owners of all types must ensure their safety. There are increasing reports from Luton of van crime with van equipment and tools being stolen. Factory-fitted security systems can be inadequate and thieves have the tools to gain access to the majority of van brands. Your business and yourself are secure if invest in a van security system with a high-end security system.

Top door locks are recommended for Luton van keys extra security. These locks are placed on the top of doors to prevent them tearing. They’re a standard security feature on a majority of tradesman vans. Typically, the top door locks come with three keys. If you’re looking for more security, you can buy additional locks and keys. These van security upgrades cost around PS130 per unit.

Dead locks

Vans are usually fitted with dead locks. These locks can be fitted to the van’s doors and bodywork. When operated, a deadlock locks the door by pushing the bolt into a receiver fitted to the body section that is opposite. They are difficult to pick from the inside, which can prevent burglaries and other attempts gain entry.

Hook locks are another form of deadlocks. They are distinct from the factory locking system. Hook locks are made of large hooks that are inserted into the door frame and doors to form a solid, Luton lost car key car lock replacement independent locking mechanism. If you don’t need frequent access to your van, a hook lock might be the right option for you.

Slam locks offer greater security. Slam locks, placed around the mid-height of the door, will only be opened by using keys. They are great for delivery drivers, and are affordable – about 150 PS per door. Another advantage of slam locks is their ability to be keyed to other locks.

Van owners are often hit hard by van burglaries. You are not only having to deal with the loss of equipment and tools, but they also have to pay insurance claims and repair equipment.

Hook locks

It is important to take into consideration how well your Luton van is secured. You can buy security features to make your van more safe, such as anti-peel brackets. These brackets are mounted internally inside the van and prevent the top corners of the doors from being “peeled open.” These brackets are a cheaper alternative to high-security locks and they’re easy to install. They’re also unnoticed from the outside of the van. They start at PS175 and come with two doors.

Another security option that is popular for vans is the deadlocks of the L4V hook lock which extend into the bodywork’s receiving bodywork. Hook locks are an excellent protection against thieves and are not tied to the locking system of the van manufacturer. Hook locks can also be operated using a high-security key.

Hook locks on Luton van keys provide superior levels of security that make them the ideal choice for owners-drivers as well as fleet managers. They are made of stainless-steel. The hook is able to penetrate the lock’s receiver when someone tries to open the door with the crowbar. They’re also constructed of three separate stainless steel sections instead of one piece which can be susceptible to stress fractures.

Security devices that convert catalytically

A variety of security options can be put in place on your vehicle to prevent catalytic converter theft. These security measures include sturdy steel plates and welded cages. While they’re not foolproof they make the conversion more difficult for a thief to steal. Furthermore, these devices are much cheaper than replacing the catalytic converter.

A brand new catalytic converter could cost several thousand dollars , therefore it is essential to guard your vehicle from theft. Catalytic converter theft may cause massive downtime, inconvenience or even the loss of business. The ArmaCat is a good choice because it’s easy to install and guards against the most aggressive theft attempts.

CatClamp’s SMART control triggers a computer-generated siren that emits 130 decibels to alert anyone who tries to steal the catalytic convert. It then shuts down the siren when the suspect gets out of the vehicle. The intense sound levels will deter the thief and force them out before any damage is done.

Catalytic converters are made up of precious metals like platinum and palladium. These precious metals have rocketed in price over the last few years, and a lost converter can cost you more than two thousand dollars. The cost of replacing the catalytic converter could range between $900 and $2,500. Extreme cases could result in costs that exceed $10,000.

OBD Re-programmers

If you are the owner of a Luton van and you’ve lost or lost the keys to your van, you can easily reprogram your van’s keys using OBD. The device also has the ability to read keys that have been pre-coded. This feature of the Luton van key OBD reprogrammer makes it easier than ever before to re-key your van.

The Luton van key OBD programer comes with a plug and Luton van keys play interface that can be connected into your van’s OBD II interface. The unit communicates with your computer to read the programming data. After the process has been completed your key for your van will function as normal.

OBD II standards were created in 1996. They were more sophisticated than the OBD ports they replaced. OBD II is still in use currently, and all vehicles sold since 1996 follow the specifications. However, it’s not unusual for thieves to attempt to bypass the immobilisation system by connecting a laptop to the on-board diagnostics socket and programming a fresh key in the engine control unit. They don’t need to purchase expensive vans as these tools are intended for use in emergency situations.

Security flaws

Key attacks can be carried out using Luton van key locks. Van owners should invest in high-quality Thatcham approved locks to guard against this. These locks reduce the risk of theft , and increase the reward-risk ratio. Van owners should take other measures to secure their vans, as well as high-quality locks. Security alarms, extra locks and a PedalBox system are all good options.

Van crime is a growing concern in recent years. The methods for breaking into vans have increased. In the end, Luton van key locks are more vulnerable to thieves. These thieves frequently hire commercial vans and utilize batteries to get around van security. This means that van security in Luton is constantly evolving to offer effective deterrents.

Lock picks are a popular method. They are available on the internet for a reasonable price. In addition instructional videos on how to make use of these tools are widely available. The thief can easily get these tools to gain entry into vans. The thieves then wait for van owners to secure their vans using remote control fobs for keys, and then deploy lock jammers to block the signal transmitted by the key fob and allow them to unlock the van doors.


There are two sizes of Luton car key programming vans L3 and L4. The smaller model is designed to transport smaller items while the larger van is able to accommodate larger items. There are many reasons why the dimensions of a Luton van can be very important. These vans are perfect for haulage and removals. They can be easily fitted with large items, reducing the number of trips required to transport storage.

A typical Luton van can transport one small home or two-bedroom flat. You can store 40 to 50 boxes and up to four beds. There are two double sofas, tables and a majority of wardrobes. A 3.5-tonne van is ideal for three-bedroom homes.

The 3.5-ton version is the best for hauling insulation and materials for cladding. The maximum payload for this van is 760kg. A small boat can be transported by the vans. The dimensions of Luton vans are similar to other similar vehicles.

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